pressedforsuccess-05Are you running a small hotel or other accommodation or hospitality business? In that case, one of the biggest dilemmas  that you probably have is what to do with all of that laundry. Should you hire a professional laundry service, or should you do it in-house and by yourself? If you read this short article, I think that it might give you an idea on how to deal with this.

Most smaller motels and bed & breakfasts have to do with a large amount of laundry on a day-to-day basis. It would just not be profitable or time-wise to do this by themselves. That is why they hire an outside, professional laundry service. However, this can also be expensive and all that laundry has to be transported back and forth, so even that might not be a good idea.

Here are a few major differences that will help you to decide between a commercial laundry service and a dry cleaner:

1. Pick up, drop off service

Most dry cleaners will not offer you this type of service. This means that you have to drop off the laundry at them yourself and then, at the end of the day, pick it up yourself. On the other side, many laundry facilities, especially those larger ones have at least one transport truck, or often more, that are used just for picking up and dropping off your laundry. This saves you a lot of time and effort, but also the obligation that you have to do this every week.

2. Getting the fresh sheets every time

A commercial laundry service will always make sure that your sheets and linen are fresh. This is one of the things that is never taught in any hospitality schools, but your guests are always expecting that the sheets are not just clean, but also fresh. A guest that slept in the sheets that are not fresh will not be a happy guest.

3. More stuff cleaned

Dry cleaners are usually much smaller than the commercial laundry service and this means that they are limited by the number of machines they are using. They may be okay if you run a very small business or when you don’t have a lot of laundry to do, but in most cases, the amount of laundry that you have for cleaning will require the services of a commercial laundry facility.

pressedforsuccess-044. Price

Commercial laundry facilities usually work by demand and not by flat rat. No matter if you have just started your business and are still looking for the place in the market or you already have an established business and the price will only depend on the amount of laundry that you have for cleaning.

Okay, those were the 4 major differences between a dry cleaner and a commercial laundry service. In my opinion, dry cleaning is better for private cleaning and when you are just beginning your hospitality business, but as soon as your business grows and the amount of laundry increases, you really should switch to the commercial laundry service.